Darkness inc.
We create a new fear experience by blending technology and horror
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There are many unnerving things on this site.
What we can do

"HORROR TEC” is a combination of HORROR and TECHNOLOGY.
We use the latest technology for horror entertainment.
HORROR TEC creates a revolutionary fear experience.

  • Mobile app
  • Wearable device
  • SNS
  • Latest sensor
  • Jump scare
  • Ad campaign
Case Studies
E-mail from a severed hand
E-mail from a severed hand
March 10, 2015

The first HORROR TEC event. 3 years ago, a high school girl was ruthlessly killed. Her name was Chiori. Her body was found but her hand is still missing. You receive e-mails from her ghost. She asks you some riddles in the e-mails. If you can’t answer the riddles, her curse will kill you. What does she want?
It is an all-new puzzle-solving horror event with a mobile app.

Navi app & management system

Navigation app that notifies participants about the next point and time limit. The app sends participants’ positions and their statuses to the organizer. The organizer can control gadgets from a far distant room.

Shaking box

Participants find a strange box on the way. They feel knocking and nail scratching from within the box. A small vibration technology is used. Her hand is inside with a smartphone.

Breaking mirror

When participants answer the riddles, she suddenly appears in the mirror. A liquid crystal display and one way mirror is used. It makes an impact sound and flashes.

Hand altar

When a participant puts the box on the altar, her hand jumps out from the box with a flash and a roaring sound.

Audio Spotlight

With an audio spotlight we can make the people in a specific space hear noises that strike fear in their hearts.

Infrared light

The dolls’ eyes shine with a terrifying light when a participant points a camera at them.

Other projects

Darkness inc. creates a new fear experience that nobody has seen
before by blending technology and horror.

Company name Darkness inc.
Address RE-006 Building 201, Utsubohommachi 2-Chome 2-17, Nishi ku Osaka, 550-0004
Phone number (+81)6-6445-5471
Founded on April 1st, 2015
CEO Seitaro Tonka
Board director Koji Kimura
Capital 83 yen
Business description The planning and development of horror services, contents and products.
Associated company STARRYWORKS

Please feel free to contact us about events, campaigns, etc.
We promise to deliver a fear experience that
includes surprise, joy and discovery.

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